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    december + busy life

    Assalamualaikum guys, 2 and half month i didn't update my lovely blog. Aww, I'm so sorry. I am so busy with my third semester and assignments and projects too. As you guys know that i am in art course but wasn't decide yet. But I hv go through interview and bla bla. I choose digital art for my first choice, visual communication and lastly is industry (product design). After a weeks waiting plus i can't register my subject cause of useless thing... ALHAMDULILAH, I got Visual Communication! Yeay. Haha.

    Practically, my life for the last three months wasn't really fun and nothing really. I hv been involved in design project for lamp, cd-i , product packaging and so on. no end. Uh oh, i feel so tired with all this and really useless and slow internet connection in my hostel making me real mad, seriously. I cant do my work properly. Fuh. It's okay. I can overcome all those probs now not for the connection part.
    Till we met again, adios.

    Assalamualaikum C:

    #throwback #eiduladha2013

    foreigner, I want to nestle; wrestle honeywasps; drown.”

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