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    Happy Eid Adha 1437H

    Salam, it's been like years I didn't update my blog. So, yesterday was 10th zul-hijjah which mean Eid Adha! Well, I didnt do much yesterday, just going to do the eid adha prayer and sitting at home waiting for my dad who do his sacrifice. We eat beef soup and fried beef which is so damn good, I might gain weight even before my graduation! Oh yeah, talking about this.. I was in final year last semester and will be graduating soon. I still cant believe this! Like HELLO I AM GRADUATING AFTER FOUR BLESSFUL YEAR! So many good and bad memories but both have much efect in my life. I'll be missing my friends a lot, I'll be missing when I need to rushing in the morning to class, sleepless night with full of assignments. I'll miss having fun with my friends too. They're indeed will always be there in my heart. Thats all for now. I'll be updating about my review on korean cosmetic product maybe tomorrow? I wont promise though. Hahaha. Anyway, nice meeting you again my dear blog.

    Let us pray to the Merciful. May we be successful in dissolving ourselves for Him with heartiest salutations to these noblest souls and light.
    Allahumma salli ala Muhammad
    Wa ‘ala ali Muhammad
    Kama sallayta ‘ala Ibrahim
    Wa ‘ala ali Ibrahim
    Innaka hamidun majeed.
    Allahumma Barik ‘ala Muhammad
    Wa ‘ala ali Muhammad
    Kama barakta ala Ibrahim
    Wa ala ali Ibrahim
    Innaka hamidun majeed.


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