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    In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful & Compassionate.Jae. A bride to Lee Seongyeol♡ And I'm sorry for any grammatical mistakes.


    Sweetheart ♡

    섹시 자기야 ♡ I will marry Sungyeol, my lovely, funny and sexy choding boy ♡ He’s just amazingly wonderful and beautiful for me. 성열이가 뭘 해도 좋다! 는 아니지만 어쨌든 성열이가 좋은 쭈글쭈글 열수니♡ 성열이맘속이고싶음.난 너가좋아♥ 이성열

    Fave Oppa ❁

    I love you, Kris ♡



    "Bila susah baru cari Tuhan, kau loser weh."

    "Kau tu? Buat aku rasa bersalah seolah-olah aku ni kaparat sangat menagih chenta Tuhan saat aku jatuh. Kau tak rasa kau loser bila menjatuhkan pengharapan orang lain terhadap Pencipta?"

    Ya. Kadang- kadang bila susah baru cari Tuhan. Bukan kadang-kadang, memang selalu.

    Tahu realitinya kenapa? Sebab bila kita senang, semua manusia mahu bersama kita, segala nikmat ada disisi. 

    Tp bila kita susah, Tanpa kita sedar Tuhan menarik satu per satu manusia yang ada disekeliling kita.
    Supaya yg tinggal saat itu cuma kita dan Tuhan.

    Jadi saya nak tanya satu persoalan. Adakah kembali kepada Tuhan meski ketika susah itu perkara yg loser? Atau masih bongkak dan ego tidak mencari Tuhan saat susah itu lebih loser?

    Allah tidak pernah memandang manusia yg kembali kepadanya dgn rasa kehinaan.
    Jadi knp kita pandang hina bila ada manusia yg cari Allah bila susah?

    Kadang-kadang Allah mahu didik kita. Mencari Allah saat susah supaya kita sedar suatu hari nanti bahawa kesenangan yg dtg adalah kerana kasih Pencipta merawat kita ketika susah.

    Kembalilah. Meski kamu berpaut pada Allah ketika susah dan melupakanNya ketika senang. Kerna suatu hari nanti akan hadir rasa hakiki yg membawa kamu kpd chenta Ilahi meski ketika senang mahupun susah. 

    Tetaplah teguh percaya kepada sebuah harapan.

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    kick off

    Assalamualaikum peoples.

    is it good result is everything?  how can I make myself happy? idk, i don't even know whether i am happy sad or whatever is it. i'm just quietly go on with my life and wait for nothing? i have been playing around a lot last year. i don't want to make my another year be bad. let's kick off now! happy living happy live everyone.eheheh i hate the fact i need to go back to university just ew

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    {#the end of 2013}

    Assalamualaikum :-)

     muka pucat who cares #131221

    Alhamdulilah, we're almost at the end of year 2013. Alhamdulilah ya Allah for giving me chance to go through every sweet and bitter things that happen. Every single thing that happen ade hikmah disebaliknya, InsyaAllah. The nearer the end of the year, final exam also around the corner, lmao so many 'the'. . . whtevr.
    I'm currently at home now and that's one of my reason to update my blog with fast connection /throw confetti/ Study week mean you should hv study for upcoming final exam but what am i doing now is busy making lamp and cd-i for my final assignment, tsk, so tired. And my final exam doesn't really need to study except for antropology bla bla. wish me luck! :3

    Lately, i hv been shopping through online a lot, lmao. Money also gone with em'. And now i am pre-order for infinite 2014 calendar. hahahah i really doesn't hv any limit for online shopping. Behave your self micha \O/ Not much money left ;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;; why why why all thing that woollim produced must come out all at once stfu uncle woollim, hah! And asdfghjkl, i got this 'call me gray' autograph cd from soompi. i freaking love all song that Gray make. He's one of the best hip hop this year. hah xoxo

    Since year two thousand thirteen almost end, i would love to list-ing my best moment that happen in my life:
    I also want to list up things that I want to buy to add in my infinite collection, wewewewu :
    • Infinite - [INFINITE IDEA] 1st Photo Book
    • Infinite - Infinite Destiny in America
    • L's Bravo Viewtiful Part 2
    • Infinite - Official Collection Card Set Vol. 1
    • Infinite H Mini Album Vol. 1 - Fly High
    • Infinite - Infinitize Showcase
    • Infinite - Second Invasion: 1st Concert Live in Seoul

    sungyeol say ho ho ho merry xmas to all friends who celebrate.x


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    SubhanaAllah. /reminder for myself tho/

    "No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship" Qur’an 53:58

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    december + busy life

    Assalamualaikum guys, 2 and half month i didn't update my lovely blog. Aww, I'm so sorry. I am so busy with my third semester and assignments and projects too. As you guys know that i am in art course but wasn't decide yet. But I hv go through interview and bla bla. I choose digital art for my first choice, visual communication and lastly is industry (product design). After a weeks waiting plus i can't register my subject cause of useless thing... ALHAMDULILAH, I got Visual Communication! Yeay. Haha.

    Practically, my life for the last three months wasn't really fun and nothing really. I hv been involved in design project for lamp, cd-i , product packaging and so on. no end. Uh oh, i feel so tired with all this and really useless and slow internet connection in my hostel making me real mad, seriously. I cant do my work properly. Fuh. It's okay. I can overcome all those probs now not for the connection part.
    Till we met again, adios.

    Assalamualaikum C:

    #throwback #eiduladha2013

    foreigner, I want to nestle; wrestle honeywasps; drown.”

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