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    micha, i like coffee and cute guy with deep voice. i want to achieve everything that i want.

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    하늘// hello september

    Assalamualaikum C:

    How was your day? Bet you come through a lot of thing (-: Same goes to me. Have you seen the sky today? Who doesn't love sky? Everyone did. Sky is like one of the best thing to see for me because whenever I feel down, almost give up, stress, try to hate someone, I would look up at the blue skies and istighfar. SubhanAllah, how wonderful, how beautiful they are, how perfect it can be. It make me calm and try to solve everything in a good way. O'Allah, thank you for giving me opportunity for me to look at the sky. Alhamdulilah! The sky gave me the spirit to keep going without looking back. the reason why i sometimes keep posting sky picture on my IG.
    Two more days at home, i'm going back to old routine. Go to class, do assignment, send assignment, presentation, draw and more drawing to do and more beautiful memory to make. I'm such a lazy cat when it comes to packing things seriously. I didn't pack anything yet, dang! I just hate this kind of i-don't-want-to-leave-home feeling. Whatevr :c

    Uh oh, I just receive my ticket for Infinite One Great Step Tour concert! I'm so freaking happy today. I can't wait to meet 7 adorable prince especially my baby; sungyeol-sshi ♡ I just hope everything will going well and smooth that day. InsyAllah. Anyone here going tho? Tweet me okay. keke

    Guess, not a lot to say in this post, wish happy september, may your day and month getting better C:

    “The sky is full of dreams, but you don't know how to fly.” ― The Killers


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