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    OGS Infinite Concert in Malaysia //♥


    How have you guys been? I bet everyone is busy with school and college, and assignments tho. How I wish i could kill all assignment lol keke Tho much assignment eventhough i'm on my midsem holiday duh. The busier semester ever. Sorry for lack update, i'm very sure that you guys know how lazy i am :3 But since I'm gonna go to the biggest event in my 2013 year!!!~

    So, anyone who love INFINITE will know about this thing, yep I AM GOING TO INFINITE CONCERT asdfghjkl YEAY bold sikit ye. Hehe. I'm freaking excited since the day i got my ticket. Thank you to Wong Hee Von for buying my ticket. Jasamu dikenang. Hehe. I hve been thinking what i need to wear, what should i bring, who will i meet (malaysian inspirit) just because i want to look good in front of everyone especially my infinite oppars of course for my only love, lee sungyeol :'-) So, i'm planning to bring my polaroid camera, and my low quality phone in case i have a very good luck to have infinite members selca :3 Hve been thinking about bringing dslr eventhough we cannot bring it in sobsss T-T I also make a placard (?) idk what people called it but this is mine (don't laugh) 

    For my ticket, i bought for the left side at rockzone. But the nearer the concert day, i wonder which side my sungyeol always wandering on stage. I got a lot of information that he always on right side. My heart breaks apart (lol too much but this is true) And i dont even want to think about it anymore since its only 5 days before concert. But then theres one infinite fanboy who want to change our ticket since his bias on left side. Can you guys imagine how happy and thankful i am that time, homaigyu. I am so thankful towards him and thanks to Allah too. Alhamdulilah! :-) This is what I called "DREAMS COME TRUE". keke I will update again. Salam C:

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    {131017 Sungyeol arrived at KLIA}
    sungyeol look freaking gorgeous even just in hoodie /dying here/ 

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