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    micha, i like coffee and cute guy with deep voice. i want to achieve everything that i want.

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    22 daisy on may

    Assalamulaikum ppls,

    Just a quick update, for the year of 2014, i finally turn 22 which is quite cute, i mean the number lol and me too ahaha I dedicated this post to all ppl who always stay beside me and wish me on my birthday. Whoever you are thank you! Thank you a lot to umi who willing to give birth to me, who always told me about life, who always make me in tears whenever i talk in phone, thank you umi for ice cream birthday cake. Thank you to aboh too who never say no to what ever i asked him for and always listen to my useless story. Thank you to my adiks too bcs you guys understand your kind of crazy and weird sister lmao heh
    Thank you a lot to all my best friend who willing to write an short essay for my birthday. Hahah. I can't mention all of your name here bcs I got so many wonderful friends.Alhamdulilah! :-) I love you all so much.

    ppl say i seem cool (well i am kris's style heee)
    ppl say im from sg (im from malaysia ppl, heh)
    ppl say im too quite (in social world)
    ppl say im a nerd when they first see me lol (im a funny girl)

    but im just ordinary girl who love kpop so much ;~;
    happy birthday to tao exo who share birth dtae with me and baekhyun who only  4 days younger than me hehehehe love you!

    micha lee

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