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    micha, i like coffee and cute guy with deep voice. i want to achieve everything that i want.

    current obsession

    nuff said

    Its have been a long time! 🌸

    Hello, Assalamualaikum guys.
    Sorry for not updating my blog. I doubt anyone would read my humble almost nothing blog haha. As Ramadhan in 2 weeks. I feel so excited actually to welcome ramadhan this time. It because there's new family member come!She is *drum roll* My niece!💕💕

    Zahra sayang 

    Yes! My younger sister is married last year and having a baby girl on January. I'm excited actually and guess what I havent meet my baby yet *criesss* LOL It because I'm way too busy this semester with a lot of unfinished assignment especially ANIMATION 2D which I hate so much! Never mention animatio on my face. Hahaha. I just don't feel like writing and I'm too busy plus not much internet. I'm in my third year already. I'll be practical next semestar, InsyaAllah. So, tha's all for now. See y'all soon. Muah!

    "Its have been a long time! 🌸" was Posted On: Saturday, June 6, 2015 @12:05 AM | 0 lovely comments

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