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    Review for CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion

                            It come in a quite big packaging which contain the product and it refill.

    Heeeellloooooo, I am very sorry for a late post about my review. I got really busy with my graduation that happen last week and also with my work. I just got to use and feel this beautiful cover cushion on my face for my graduation. Hehehe. I won a giveaway from 0.8l_malaysia. You can visit their IG for more giveaway! I'll do my best since this is my first product review and I don't know much about cosmetic. Please bear with me.


    Okay, so I will introduce it first. Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion is a foundation cushion from Korea. Its well known in Korea and abroad like New York. And I would like to say this was one of the best quality product so far since I havent use many of this cushion.This brand deserve to be known more internationaly.  For the packaging, it was simple and not much different from other cushion products but still it look classy to me and cute to my eyes. Th product itself was quite heavy from my other brand cushion. I guess it because of the liquid in it.


    I actually use other brand before but it's get a little oily for my skin and a little too bright from skin tone. Back to Clio Kill Cover Cushion, it comes in three shades specifically design for Perfect Flawless Skin which is:

    1. Color 2 - BP Lingerie (For users of No. 21, fair rosy complexion)
    2. Color 3 - BY Linen (For users of No. 21 with redness)
    3. Color 4 - BP Ginger (For users of No. 23)

    Medium to heavy coverage.

    So I got the one with shade number 3, Linen. When I first use it it was too bright for my skin too but when I blended it well, it look perfect and seriously, cover almost all of my flaws, even though not all but still it make my skin look smooth and flawless since I have combination skin, it get a little oily when you're hot but not much. I love how its smells sooooo good like a lotion for your hand with flowerish smell and I love the cushion puff as well, it does a great finishing.

    The cushion also offers long-lasting hydration and coverage with benefits which is whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection. Its very moisturizing without being too sticky on your face. It's good for people with oily skin. The finish is super flattering and natural. My skin looks really nice, healthy and I’ve been using this quite a lot whenever I'm going out, its does boasting my confidence about my skin a little. Hehehe. I recommend to all of my friend to get this product bcs well you could read what I wrote up there but really, I'LL BE SURE TO BUY THIS AGAIN BECAUSE ITS WORTH IT GUYS. I FEEL SO MUCH CONFIDENCE AND YES, PLEASE TRY IT! I am not overacting here but really I fall in love with this cushion 💞

    Why it's good?
    -Medium to Heavy Coverage.
    -Semi dewy to matte finish.
    -Good for oily skin.

    What not good?
    - Tends to get cakey when applied too much. 
    - Flakes on dry skin.
    - Heavier than most cushion compacts.


    Oh yeah, I also get free gift along with my actual winning product which was MIZON Dust Clean Up Protect Cream (Skin Cleaning) and Dr.Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Mask! I do try both of this product as well. I'll review both of them in other post, will publish it after this one. All the product wasn't sponsored. It was a giveaway from 0.8L Malaysia! Thank you for reading lovelies! :)

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